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  • Mt. Bierstadt Group Summit - Front Range, Colorado
  • A rest before the summit push on Dallas Peak - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Broken Ankle + 6 Miles = Tired
  • The classic San Juan approach - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Overlooking Noname Basin from Twin Thumbs Pass - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Upper Noname Basin - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Nearing Noname Cabin - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Twin Thumbs Twins - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Nearing the summit of Pt. 13,736 - Sawatch Range, Colorado
  • Blustery day on Iowa Peak - Sawatch Range, Colorado
  • Morning snow at 15k, Cerro Ramada - Cordillera Ramada
  • Artesonraju from the summit of Nevado Pisco - Cordillera Blanca, Peru
  • February crowds on Gray's Peak - Front Range, Colorado
  • Kicking steps on Cerro Lliani - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
  • Final traverse to the summit of Wheeler Mountain - Ten Mile Range, Colorado
  • The long walk to Pachanta - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
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    Afternoon at 17k on Cerro Ramada - Cordillera Ramada, Argentina
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    The final ridge on Iowa Peak - Sawatch Range, Colorado
  • Summer summit on Longs Peak - Front Range, Colorado
  • A rest day at the Pachanta Hot Springs - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
  • Mind over matter on Mt. Parnassas - Front Range, Colorado
  • Rest stop on Cerro Lliani - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
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    Post nap surprise on Cerro Ramada - Cordiller Ramada, Argentina
  • Summit on Cerro Lliani - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
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    Ridge walking on Grizzly Peak - Sawatch Range, Colorado
  • Enroute the summit via the West Ridge on Pacific Peak - Ten Mile Range, Colorado
  • Mule train bound for Chilca - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
  • Taking in the view from Fletcher Peak - Ten Mile Range, Colorado
  • Hiking on Silverheels - Mosquito Range, Colorado
  • Traversing! Gladstone Peak - San Juan Range, Colorado
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    The best of times at Willow Lake - Sangre de Christo Range, Colorado
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    High Altitude Cerebral Edema? - Cordillera Ramada, Argentina
  • Bound for Chilca - Vilcanota Range, Peru
  • Going alpine light, Holy Cross Ridge - Sawatch Range, Colorado
  • Cumbre! Campa I - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
  • Roadside lunch with the best of company - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
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    Long ridge walk to the summit of California Peak - Sangre de Christo Range, Colorado
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    Crossing el Rio Colorado . . . in the afternoon - Cordillera Ramada, Argentina
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    Dealing with Fall snows high on Casco Peak - Sawatch Range, Colorado
  • Moonrise over Mercedario - Cordillera Ramada, Argentina
  • Still climbing at 20,900 on Cerro Ramada - Cordiller Ramada, Argentina
  • Talus on Halo Ridge, Mt. of the Holy Cross - Sawatch Range, Colorado
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    Deteriorating conditions on Mt. Arkansas - Ten Mile Range, Colorado
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    After the climb - Cordillera Ramada, Argentina
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    Taking in the view from the summit of Crystal Peak - Tenmile Range, Colorado
  • Topping out on Mt. Arkansas' North Couloir - Mosquito Range, Colorado
  • Glissade on Mt. Arkansas - Mosquito Range, Colorado
  • Hard snow morning on Teakettle Mountain - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Spring snow announces the start of the climb on Dallas Peak - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Crossing the Eolus Catwalk - San Juan Range, Colorado



Here are a limited number of links for other sites that have provided some of the goods and services described on Climbing with Bob.

Argentina's Cordillera Ramada:

Don Mercendario Expeditions - Anibal Maturano's Logistics Service . . . airport pickup, jeep transport, mules, base camp, cooking, and route know how and advice.

Fernando Grajales - totally dependable jeep transport.

Posada San Eduardo - wonderful place with great food and pool in barreal. A great choice after a few weeks in the mountains.

Lan Airlines - you ought to try this outfit if you've finally tired of the cattle car carriers to South America.

Bolivia's Cordilleras Apolobamba and Real:

Swedish Apolobamba Expedition
- Climbs in the Apolobamba, Condoriri, Huyana Potosi and a heck of a story.

New Zealand 2008 Apolobamba Expedition - Another group makes the long trek to the Apolobamba and tells the tale.

Dr. Hugo & Sr. Dani Berrios's Huyana Potosi Tours - Transport, mules, cook and necessary logistics for the Apolobamba as well as the Cordillera Real.

Hotel Calicoto - A good place to stay in the Calicoto district just a short walk from the Ktal supermercado and good eats.

Peru's Cordillera Blanca:

La Cima-Chris Benway's Logistical Service - THE provider for the Cordillera Blanca (Huaraz), Chris has never failed to make our trip come together. Accomodations, transport, cook, mules and Cafe Andino, the breakfast you must have in Huaraz!

Hotel Aleman - Nice place across from super mercado in Miraflores neighborhood of Lima.

Movil Tours - The bus line from Lima to Huaraz . . . meal, movie and no scares so far.

Peru's Cordillera Vilcanota:

Aventura Quechua - Carlos Ames covers it all, airport pick-up, transportation, cooks, aerierros, camp, route know how, everything without a hitch.

Hotel Apu Husascaran - A great place to stay in old Cusco. good breakfast, welcoming staff and perfect location.

Canadian Rockies:

Assiniboine Lodge - Information and reservations for helo rides into Assiniboine Provincial Park, Naiset Cabins and Hind Hut Reservations, and the Assiniboine Lodge proper.

Colorado Climbing: - Another excellent source of Colorado 14'er information, including a forum, online route descriptions, and a trailhead conditions report (great for Spring climbing).

Climbing and Mountains Worldwide:

Summit Post - Lots of information on peaks all over the world, summit logs, climbing seasons, a forum, photos, etc.